Is she interested in me or just being nice?

I took this girl hiking to see a waterfall. We didn't make it to the waterfall though because her allergies were terrible. She knows that I'm interested in her as I have asked her out before unfortunately she wasn't in town that whole week (legit excuse). Anyway I was texting her saying that I think we were really close to the waterfall. She responded with "I thought so too, we need to do it again." I want to say that she interested but I don't know what to think. The first hike it was just me and her. People say she didn't have to say she would go again but I am unsure if she was just being nice or if she is actually interested.


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  • I think she sounds interested.


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  • I think she was probably scared or shy to go in a first day with you that's why she made up that excuse the first time you asked but I think you should ask her again and see how that goes !!!


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  • Watch out for mountain lions lol. She's probably being interested if she goes with you alone again