Guys, what does he want from me? No relationship or friendship?

I've been talking to this guy for over a month now. We get along so well and have a lot in common. We are also both attracted to each other. During our first date he was a real gentleman. We only hugged and he didn't try to pull any other moves on me. We also had genuine conversations about our future career goals and our interests etc. We got along so well that we ended up losing track of time and got kicked out of the coffee store coz they were shutting down. On the second date things started to go downhill. He was very touchy and flirty, nothing like the first date. Since he behaved that way I refused his kiss at the end and bruised his ego a bit. I made it clear to him that I like hanging out with him but that I wasn't looking for casual sex. He told me he also isn't looking for casual sex and we continued to message each other for weeks after that but he's still being very flirty.

He's told me he got out of a serious relationship almost a year ago and is focusing on sorting out his priorities with his work and other life ambitions so he's not going to be focused on having a relationship at the moment. I admire his honesty but at the same time wonder why he's still talking/flirting with me all the time through messaging.


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  • he obviously wants you, just because you guys have sex, doesn't mean it has to be casual sex. It could turn out to be fun and sex at the beginning. But once his work isn't so busy, you guys could havemore

  • he wants a relationship... what do you want?

    • He said that he's not looking for a relationship and is trying to sort out his priorities. He also doesn't want to just hookup so what is there left?

    • well then he probably wants to hook up , but is lying. have some fun though ! you are young