Dd/lg relationship?

I want to be in a dd/lg relationship. is anyone else here interested in dd/lg? any tips and or advice?


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  • Yeah, I am familiar with this.

    Good DDs can be hard to find, because the combination of mentorship/nurturing can run a little contrary to the discipline/sadism side of BDSM. So it's harder than just finding a regular Dom.

    And you'll want to find a DD that fits what you are looking for. Some are obviously more into different elements of the punishment/discipline side of it, some are more into the care and emotional nurturing. And obviously when it comes to the sub side, the lg side, there is a huge amount of variety in what is acceptable and desirable. I've never run into two subs with identical wants, needs, and kinks, so you really want to make sure both people are looking for the same thing.

    You'll want to find a DD that is still going to respect you as a person - they should feel that you are one of their most precious things, and they should treat you as such. Though they will need to make sure you do as you are told, obviously. It is a power exchange, but it is a power exchange made by equals. They may be unequal while the exchange is in effect, but they are equal and both worthy of respect outside of that exchange. That's a key element, really.

    At some point you'll want to go over a submissive's contract, and one that has a numerical rating for each thing, not just a y/n, so the DD can craft the proper experiences for you.

    It's a pretty huge topic to just... ramble on about. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask, or send me a message.


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  • Not my scene

  • What is DD/lg relationship?

    • "daddy dom" and "little girl" relationship. the dominate male partner acts as a "father figure " (NOT AN ACTUAL FATHER FIGURE, just has father traits like protecting the "little"(female partner), playing and pampering)
      I'm not too sure about what a little fully is, I know it's a psychological thing though, you adopt a certain age when you're in your "little" stage. meaning when you're with your partner you basically have an alter ego and it's very childlike, usually around a specific age. which can be anywhere from a toddler to a teenager. but most of the time ( I say most of the time bc I can't speak for all.) you are NOT in your little stage when you're intimate with your partner.

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    • ayyee 👌 be my daddy
      lmao jk

    • Aww... your so sweet but... sorry daddy got time busy with his exams... ahah 😂😂 next time

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  • You're too young to be involved in that kind of relationship and definitely too young to be asking about it. Get to know *yourself* more before you try to jump into something like that.

    • I'm just asking for advice i probably worded some things wrong lol. I'm not gonna jump into it or anything. but I am interested

    • It's a serious type of relationship and if you're forcing it, it's not for you. A lot of what you see on tumblr is wrong. like not even oh I don't do things that way wrong, but unhealthy dynamic wrong.

  • I'm in one... what kind of tips did you need...

    • anything really
      more adobe than tips. like how you do you go from your little age to normal age and what things are considered normal for a dd

  • I'm totally into that, but I've never really had it before. My "little" is actually quite sadistic and dark, even though I'm a total submissive. I just ever bring her out around real doms who know what the fuck they're doing. For some reason I can only get into that mind when I'm around males who are sub themselves, which guys like that are a total turn off to me.

  • what is that?