Why is this bothering me now?

My boyfriend & I have been together for 3 years ( since I was 15) he is 3 years older than me. I turn 18 very soon , he's 21. He's always hid our relationship from his family but my whole family knows of him. To his family, I'm just his friend... Anyways, to also make it clear, his cousin and I did stuff in the past ( we had sex) but he's still using that as a reason to why he hasn't brought me around, his cousin and me are fine but his cousins mom really hates me due to some disagreements we had. Another thing is, could it be my age? Because I don't turn 18 for a couple weeks? He said he wanted to wait till his birthday next year before he introduces me... Also, when his friends call and ask what he's doing he lies to them and says he's with his parents or something when he's with me. This is just starting to bother me... I love him, not meeting his family as his girlfriend doesn't bother me but I know there must be a bigger problem then what he's saying... What do you guys think? ( he has only ever brought one girl home to meet his mom)


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  • He is waiting for you to turn 18, simple as that

    • That's what I thought too! Hopefully this is the case

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  • The problem seems to be more with his family than you they might be very judgmental people or want your boyfriend to be dating a particular type of girl you are not since he only ever brought one other girl to meet his mom