How do you meet someone a bit older?

You know I'm 22 now and never been in a relationship. So people often ask why and well I do sometimes get hit on but usually they're not interested in a relationship. And I feel that's common among guys my age

So people, guys especially, say date someone a bit older. And ya I'd be fine with that up to 10 or 11 years maybe, if he was still attractive. But that is easier said than done. Because how do you meet people that age? I meet people mostly my age group.
And at work... it's a small company so pickings are slim. There are few guys I'd be interested in, but flirting is hard at work as well. So what else is there?


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  • Just because a dude is older, doesn't mean he'll be after something more serious, he'll be better at manipulating you too.

    • well I've been told odds are a bit higher he would be

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    • what do you mean by easier to handle?

    • With younger girls it's easier to pull the wool over their eyes if you're not serious about them, they'll think you're a sweet guy with the best intentions and they'd swear it blind.


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  • Guess he must have no pronlem wid age difference

  • What hobbies do you have? There are meetup groups for anything you might be interested in, and they might have some older guys (depending on what hobby...)


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  • work is your best bet.