I ignored a guy who had a huge crush because my parents didn't let me have a boyfriend. I want him to be my first boyfriend but he seems hurt?

He'd stop what he was doing and look deep into my eyes, do something chilvarous, or look me up and down. I felt him watching what I was doing and who i was talking too, and sometimes i'd look up and he'd meet my eyes across the room and wouldn't stop looking until i looked away. He volunteered as a waiter and served me as soon as I sat down. Another time my friend and I were talking to him and he looked into my eyes and he brushed his hand accross my face and my lips twice. He and his friends were staring at me while i was walking across a parking lot. Later he saw me checking out a guy (i was being very subtle, so he was watching me carefully) and he hit the guy and stood in front of me. He sat near me and ogled another girl for a long time, like he wanted me to notice. Now he ignores me and avoids me, and i feel like i hurt him. He doesn't come to all of the functions like he used to, even his friends wonder what happened to him. I ignored him because my parents said i was too young to have a boyfriend until now (i'm 16). He's really sweet and passionate, and i want him to be my first boyfriend. What to do?


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  • tell him how you feel.

    • wouldn't he lose interest if I told him I liked him?

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  • if u stay friends atm.. perhaps u can date him when yer parents let u?

    • they said I can date now. It's just that he avoids me like the plague. I don't know what to do. I don't have his number or anything.

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  • Tell him your situation. If he is worth it he will understand.

    • He doesn't talk to me. If I say hi he just looks at me and doesn't say anything.

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    • If your friend does like you he may not be in on asking the other guy if he also likes you. I would try asking his friends since you said even they think he is acting weird about it.

    • They were saying they don't see him much anymore. I was the only person who thought it was my fault.

  • So here's the thing. Go straight up and tell him everything. He may not say anything at first, but later he'll respond. Don't play games (most guys dont like it when girls play games with them). Just go straight up to him tell him how much you liked him and how you were never allowed to have one before. If it then works out for the 2 of you thats great, if not move on maybe it was not meant to be. You'll find many other guys you're still young. But hopefully it works out! Good luck!!

    • I saw him yesterday and he just ignored me. I walked in front of him, I should have turned around to see if he was checking me out. 3;)