To bash or not to bash?

I've always bashed women in my life. They seem to say bad stuff to me. Why is tgat? All I said is they are shallow and only care about looks. Why is telling the truth so bad? It's why I'm single. I'm not good looking.

Can an you be nice for once?


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  • It could be just the women you go after or around you that seem like that. Not all women are like that, that's a false generalization. Some are shallow, sure... some are materialistic, some are gold diggers... then you have others that are caring, compassionate, and care more about the guy's personality.

    Some women (again not all) are intuitive; if they sense negativity they tend to stay away. They prefer positive, confident people. Even if you're shy, if you are kind and respectful some women will still want to stick around and see how you are.

    I don't know why they say bad things to you, unless you actually said to them "All women are shallow and only care about looks" then that is rude. Politeness goes a long way as well as positive and confidence.


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  • Ok let me break it down for you...

    A) Not ALL women are shallow, just like not ALL men are shallow.
    B) Having a negative attitude towards the female population isn't going to help you win dates.
    C) It's not all about looks... personality can win a person over in a heart beat.
    D) If you are physically the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen in my life but you treat people like shit or you think you're better than every other guy in the world, I have no problem telling you to fuck off.
    E) Treat women or people in general, the way you'd expect to be treated and you might not have this problem.

  • its hard to be nice when you have such a negative attitude but ill try. there are ugly guys who date girls but usually they have good attitudes. how can you be ugly and bitter and expect to get a date? thats not going to happen. pick a struggle: either have a bad personality and be hot, or be ugly and be a positive person.

    • If you saw my hidious looks, I don't think you can blame me lol. I won't post a pic here though.

  • There's so many girls who feel the same way about guys, a girl can be super gorgeous in the face and be a bit fat and guys rip her apart and call her nasty and ugly. If you want to see picky and shallow look at your fellow men, they can't even handle a little leg hair or armpit hair on a hot girl!!


    Ugh another guy generalising again bashing women, then wondering why they are single.

    by the way not all women are shallow.

    • That girl is probably shallow.

    • You seriously judged a girl based on a gif. You are single because you are a judgmental ass.

  • guess you only want to be with women like that, otherwise you would not be single

    • Huh?

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    • No I didn't. I dunno what you mean.

    • since the only women you know are ones that you bash for being shallow and superficial, you are single.

  • dont do it.