How do I let him go?

So a guy and I have been hanging out and having sex and, he completely led me on. I asked him from the begining "Are you just trying to fuck me,"? and he said no and indicated that he wouldn't mind having sex with me but that wasn't what he was focused on. We then began to hangout and text eachother all of the time. I noticed he was very sexual when we hungout. He never stopped kissing me and was always sexually touching me. I did want to have sex but not until were dating and he said that would be fine. We ended up having sex because he very much pressured me into it. After we started having sex more frequent and he said I was "basically" his girl. I became fed up with all of this and confronted him last night about leading me on and he claims he's not trying to be in a relationship. I the next day apologized through text and he said it was ok, then 7 mins later he posts on twitter "You're a dumb bitch," and, I'm positive it's about me. He hasn't even texted me at all today. I'm upset and really dissapointed because I thought I had finaly found a boyfriend after being used VERY BADLY by a different guy. How can I slowly get over him and should I burn bridges with him?


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  • Sounds like you shouldn't gotten into anything with him if he was pressuring you to do stuff. Just forget about him. How did the other guy use you?

    • The other guy used me as well but was worse because it was long distance and he said when he moved back ( he never did ) that I would be his girl. I sent him nudes and really opened up to him. When he finaly came back to our state to visit he recorded us having sex and kicked me out late at night for me to walk all alone by myself then cut me off shortly after. I in fact told this current guy about him and he was mad and doesn't like him. I know he's jealous of him too.

    • i'd be jealous to. i mean that is fucked up that he kicked you out like that. like damn that's harsh. have you thought about making a video with another guy that you actually can date. Also i hope he doesn't post it online. that'd suck. It just sounds like you've had bad luck with guys, and maybe you need to go after a different type of guy


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  • "We ended up having sex because he very much pressured me into it."

    A guy who does this, especially when you're not even dating, clearly isn't interested in you for anything other than sex, but you knew that.

    Time to burn your bridges, and next time, don't see a guy who just wants to "hang out" like you're fucking fifteen years old. Get with a guy who acts like a goddamn man, and asks you out and wants to date you properly.

    • Actually not, I actually gave him his doubts.

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  • don't waste your time dating a jerk. You deserve better ;)