How do I prove to my girlfriend that I love her?

My girlfriend think thinks i dont love her after being together for almost 3 years. I made mistakes as putting my relationship status as single and i now regret that mistake ever happening. I've never cheated on her but she feels i dont love her like im suppose to. Any advice?


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  • It seems like there is more to this story... Maybe she wouldn't feel like that if you weren't hiding the fact that you were in a relationship... Answer this question, if you really loved her then why did you change your status and not tell her?
    You should do something that would drive her crazy... Something she is really into, spend some time with her and make that time the best it could be, give her everything she could ask for and then bring up the problem and tell her how you feel... If this was me i would want a promise ring just so i know you were being serious but I don't know 3 years and your making decisions like changing your status to single and calling it a mistake? you must not care and love her as much as you think because no smart guy would do that after 3 years... Just saying


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  • Just give her time and try to do your best to be supportive of the relationship. She'll either realize that is was all a big mistake and work on making things better or you'll both have to move on.


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  • Sacrifice a goat to the sun god solaire of astora for her. She won't be able to keep her hands off you, no need to thank me

  • if you really loved her you wouldn't have to prove it.