I've never had boyfriend?

I'm 25 years old and I've never had boyfriend and I've never kissed. I feel really bad about it, I think I'm not ugly I have a nice body and a big heart and a great personality. I have no idea why no one has approached to me. Can you give me some ideas, because I do feel bad since all my friends are in a relationship and I'm the only single in the group...


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  • Guys probably think you're taken so they don't really bother to approach which is what I truthfully do here's some things that make me avoid women because it makes me feel that they're taken
    1. constantly on their phone (probably texting bf)
    2. Show little interest
    3. Don't flirt

    • Thanks a bunch :)

    • Np women need to see this because all my guy friends agree to this


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  • I hate to say it, but pictures are worth a thousand words (don't know if that's how that saying goes).

    link a few pics and it'll give us a better idea of why you're not being approached.

    Other than that, what is happening during your dating life.

  • Are you shy, quiet, or reserved?
    Do you not put yourself in situations to be approached?
    Do you give off the impression that you don't want to be approached?
    Do you flirt?
    Are you outgoing?
    Do you smile?

    • The first one is a totally yes! I'm shy and quiet... For you, how do I give the impression that I don't want to be approached, can you give me an example?

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    • Also, if you're busy doing something then you'll look like you don't want to be approached either.

    • Ok, I got you, thanks a bunch :)

  • It is understanfable you feel like this... know you aren't the only one

    • Yes, I guess I'm not the only one, thanks a bunch :)

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    • Yes, you are right! :)

    • So keep your eyes wide open

  • i'm 20 yo and i've never had a girlfriend i think thing will chang before i reach 25


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  • Start talking. Don't wait for a guy to come to you first.