She won't call me her Boyfriend because she wants me to become her bestfriend as well. Been 6 months What should I do?

I dont get it though, we would kiss, cuddle, act like a couple when were out but dont want me to call me her boyfriend cause of that and no sex. For the sex part she would say soon, or it will happen when it happens.

Its crazy though I met most of her family and they know about me and they dont usually meet the guys she talks to at all. So I don't know lol


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  • Stop being her lapdog. She is hedging her bets keeping u on the go for now while looking for someone better. She wants the benefit of a relationship with u for now and wants to make sure u will still be a friend ( a resource she can call on) if u haven't had sex yet dump because u never will. She has no respect for u and never will see u as a man unless u take action ie walk away with your head high and say fuck u bitch I have enough friends already. Men who allow themselves to be treated like door mats repel and disgust women.


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  • I think she is unsure of her feelings. She will make it official once she is confirmed of her feelings for you.

    If you want sex, you know it won't happen very soon then.


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  • Guess she isn't interested i am afraid

  • Are you paying for her?

    • On most things yeah when we go out but she did buy me lof of stuff for my birthday.

    • stop doing that first of all. Don't act like her boyfriend is she isn't considering you as her boyfriend. Stop investing your time and money on her. Make the investments 50-50. Let her know that she is getting what she is asking for.