Guys, I'm an extroverted girl who tends to like introverted guys, but I get nervous about requesting more communication/contact. Advice?

Essentially, I do not want to overwhelm or scare away someone I am interested in. I can talk/chat no problem, but I have a fear that I will ask too much in regards to being with them.
Lol I guess to clarify: interest has already been established between the two of us, I just want to hear/see more of him :P


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  • I'm curious what it is you find appealing about introverted guys? (I'm one myself, and I do prefer the company of extroverts as if I'm with another introvert we don't tend to talk much.)

    • Mm, well I personally tend to like the energy exchange with them. There isn't a competition for space or energy. I like to talk, and I appreciate when someone is listening. There is a particular kind of introverted guy I tend to be attracted to, which I know isn't all introverted guys :P

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    • Thanks, I appreciate it. My biggest concern is that I overstay my welcome with others -- especially someone I'm interested in. I wish to respect their boundaries and how much time they need to recharge, but I also just like to spend a lot of time with them. Though I recognize if I phrase it that way, they'll probably be open to it haha

    • Yeah I think if you explain it it that way, and if you convey that you don't want to overstay or make them uncomfortable then perhaps they'd find it easier to let you know how much time they're up to spending with you, but as I said if it was me I'd probably be happy spending all day with her if I liked her.

      Thanks for MHO.


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  • Just do the same thing most level headed guys do... for instance. Oh you like the Ocean? Do you like to swim or be on the beach? Oh ok, well I like to swim. We should hang out sometime:)

    Boom done. Your welcome. Muah

  • I an servirely introverted and I can talk the sh** out of myself but I prefer not to talk and want to be alone all the time so for advice I'd say.. Switch to extroverted guys

  • I'm on the introverted side for sure. Talk to introverts one on one.


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  • Step out of your comfort zone and do it. I am sure your effort will be appreciated if not admired.