We only really talk early morning like 2 am... why?

I feel like up to 2 am he's with someone else... He's always saying how much he cares but he's never there when I really need him. I'm tired of staying up until 5 am for him then going to work at 8 am... how can someone claim they care about you so much but never text you, call you. Never answer when you call unless it's around 1:30 am. I'm trying to believe the best but Its hard to... early morning today he said he really cares about me wants to be together bit I think it's all talk all crap really now...

What should I do. I honestly like him but I'm starting to really not trust what he's saying


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  • If your gut is telling you something is wrong, then you are most likely right. However you should try and talk this through with him. How you really feel. Besides, the fact that he doesn't pick up ur calls any other time of the day and still claims he cares about you is fishy. Try to see if he has god arguments to back up his story. Meaning, there could be areasonable explanation. After talking with him and hearing him out, decide based on how u feel about what he said. No need to stay with someone you can't trust.

    • Yes your right. Like we're talking the other day and he says I Love you how can you honestly say you love me but never want to talk unless it's at night. Never text me unless I don't text you all day... always say your busy how are you too busy for someone you love? Even people who like someone give them more time than he gives me. I think he's with someone else and I'm just a side chick to be honest. That's how someone who loves me makes me feel like a side chick

    • Hope all goes for the best. With him or without him. Whatever is the best thing for you.


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  • If he knows you have to wake up so early and says that he cares about you, he would make the time to talk sooner. Forget about him.

  • He probably has another girl so I would leave him alone plus those are booty call hours by the way. He sounds sketchy leave him be. Plus his actions tells you that he lying dont believe his words judge his actions

    • Like he told me he loved me the other day but it's always the same thing. Never answers my calls only at night when we talk. How can you say you love someone but never call, never text willingly. He says all these things but I think it's bull shit now.
      I always wonder who us he with when he's not talking to me

    • he's playing you. how do you love someone you see at 2 am only.. you should be lucky you never got serious with this guy because obviously he doesn't respect the person he is with and you as well. Leave him be for your own sake

  • dont trust him.