Would you date a guy who can't grow a beard (or even a moustache)?

I've been told I'm cute, and people think I'm younger than I am - I guess I'm baby faced/undervirilised. Could you see yourself dating such a guy, or would you hang on for one with normal facial hair - they're are plenty of guys that can grow them after all.

  • Irrelevant, don't care about facial hair.
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  • Non-ideal but it probably wouldn't matter much.
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  • It matters. Likely a deal breaker.
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  • No way! He's not a real man if he can't grow a beard.
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  • See answers
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't like facial hair :D

    • So this would be a good thing for you? (Even though it's a sign of being less manly?)

    • It's a good thing =]

    • Okay, thanks for answering. :) Hopefully there are other girls with that view.

What Girls Said 2

  • I voted a but honestly I hate any kind of facial hair

  • If I was attracted to him and we had a connection.. I don't see why not

    • Would this make him less physically attractive though?

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