Controlling or just being silly?

Weve been dating for two months, well not title officially yet. We click and have a ton in common. She is a strong independent women and I love that. But she says that "men are the head of the house, but the women is the neck. And the neck can twist the head any way it wants" and she says that "she is a winner and never loses" and that she is "always right"
I've been seeing this as her being sarcastic, instead of being serious. But do you think this might mean that she is controling? We haven't gotten serious enough for me to tell yet. She has done things to make me feel appreciated so I am unsure what to think of these comments/how to respond. What do you think?


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  • Damn! I like this "joke".

    Wow!!! "Men are the head of the house, but the women are the neck." Decent meaning behind it.

    Anyways, I was just inspired by that sentence. In the meantime, don't jump into any conclusion. I personally don't think she is controlling or controlling type. She is just being silly. Independent women are mentally strong, but there is always a portion where she is soft like cotton. Don't take that seriously though. If you are really into her then "explore" her personality more. Since you both have no title yet so why not explore each other more to see whether she is controlling or not.

    Keep have more conversation with her to see if she keeps repeating the tone of "always right" or controlling/dominating kind of tone.

    I hope everything will work out. :)


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  • I don't know, I crack jokes like that sometimes and I'm by NO means controlling. Sometimes I go on a roll, but I also make jokes about how men are rulers and women should be obedient wenches (jokes!) so I don't know. I definitely wouldn't jump to 'controlling'. If she ever gets angry because you're not "obeying" her then I'd worry. Otherwise, you're good.

    • Yeah, that's exactly what I think. But when she says that stuff I just kind of nod and laugh cause I don't know what to say!

    • Yeah I'd just laugh and go with it if I were you. If you think it's funny, laugh! If not, maybe don't and she'll stop making what could be 'bad' jokes. haha

  • controlling!

    • Did you even read it? that was quick...

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  • guess kinda controllin i'd say... but this comment "men r da head of da house"/... eww