Is he playing with my emotions?

My ex and I were pretty cute together he seemed to be happy, I was happy as well, but he has an incredibly low self-esteem and it led him to break up with me, he was kind enough to do it in person. he's super respectful. We didn't talk for a month or two and then we slowly started talking here and there and he claims to still have the same feelings I have, so we're mutual. We hung out a few days ago and everything he said and did made it seem like we were back together, I was unsure, so I asked and he said he was unsure as well. We talked that day, and the next and now he hasn't talked to me in two days. did I do something wrong? I'm beyond confused.


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  • No you did nothing wrong -It is him causing the confusion - You will have to have a talk with him to find out what is going on.


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  • Fuck him... Move on..! You don't really need him to be happy.