Girls, should I keep up this pursuit?

To start off i dont want to give up on this girl but also dont want to drive my self crazy about two moths ago i met a girl we hit it off great flirting touching eye contact the works she gladly gave me her number and we had been texting pretty much non stop for a while up until recntly one of her friends told her that they thought i was really into her so she ask me i told her yes since then we had hung out once i met her family (who all told me that im all she talks about and really likes me acoruding to her) she met mine spending time at each others houses every thing was great i ask her out she came and she brought up the relatinshp status saying she didn't want to hurt me or put me in the friendzone but she isn't one hudred percent sure how she wants this to go i said that i would complelty back off she said no dont that she said lets take it really slow insted i said if you dont want this just tell me and she said she couldnt because she's not sure tbh it really sounded like she was trying to let me that she just wants to be freinds after this she opend up a lot and wanted to save more for antoher time This was like a five hour date last thing was when i walked her to her house she said she knew i wanted a hug i went for a quick one and she pulled me back just buried her head in my chest and we were like that for a while. normaly when a girl starts telling me she donst know how she feel its that she's not intersted but this girl is very shy and never been in a relationship before in her own words is scared Her words make me think one thing but her action say other words like trying to hold my hand or sit really close to me even though it makes her nevrous. after that night texting was almost a hult she's kind of comeing back around there not flirty like uslay but not meaning less one words either I don't know if this is a way for her to take things slow or blow me off in all reality my gut feeling says keep going for it because its new to her and might actuly have feelings for me


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  • Actions speak louder than words. It seems like she is pulling away and the timing might not be great. Pursuing her May only push her further away. Sometimes when you really like something you have to let it go. Maybe take a little space yourself focus on you and things you like to do. Hang with friends. After a while she might come around when she noticed you're not pursuing her as much. She needs to figure things out for herself before she can fully factor you in so take that time to enjoy yourself and maybe see what's out there.

  • keep it up.

    • Any specific reason why