What advantages do men have in the dating game? What advantages do women have in the dating game? Who has it better overall? Men or women and?

Why? I titled this question like this is because I know its the gag community's tendency to say everything's equal and no one has it better all for the sake of political correctness


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  • Women have one advantage the ability to step in and out of feminism when it benefits them. They can quickly play the "weak and fragile" role when it's time to pay for diner or move heavy boxes and say the man should do it. At the same time want equal rights and get mad and use this line "is it because I'm a girl"? line when I don't want play sports with them or something. You want power or not?


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  • Men's advantages: picking the girl you want to approach, having sex and not being called a slut, not being hit on by someone who could overpower you, don't have to cover your drinks with your hand, you don't get pregnant, you're basically guaranteed to cum from a sexual encounter, you're more likely to get a blowjob without it leading to sex than a girl is to get eaten out without it leading to sex,

    Girls advantages: guys are desperate enough to buy your drinks for you, bars give free/discount drinks to women sometimes so that pretty girls will be in the bar (for the guys), clubs may charge women less so the club is filled with pretty girls (for the guys), we don't have to approach strangers,

    • More guy advantages: you don't have to shave your armpits, your legs, your ass, your arms, and most women accept some scruff on your dick. You don't have to have a particular body type, some girls like the skinny look, the teddy bear look, the burly lumberjack look, or the clean shaven face look, the fat funny man look, you don't have to wear ridiculous revealing form fitting outfits in order to be considered sexy

      More girl advantages: we can put make up and cover up on stuff to make us look better

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    • @hypno-trip I understand that girls may have higher expectations than men, but you can still refuse a girl and wait for one who has her OWN job and can take care of herself. Most guys may not want to wait and would rather have a sex kitten girlfriend than a ceo

    • Some guys are superficial but I personally think compatibility and niceness matters more for long term relationships than looks... That's why in terms of looks I have lowered my standards and focused more on whether she's a nice person... but anyway whatever...

  • Men are def cut or more slack when it comes to looks, which is huge. So I'd say guys have it easier

    A lot of people are gonna say girls don't have to ask guys out and maybe that was true in the 50s but these days, guys hardly ever ask someone out. At least i'd say it's equal

    • Guys don't get cut slack for looks unless they are rich or just luck up which is very rare. but on average , nope. Women know they can have causal sex at the drop of a hat, something men can't do unless they are super attractive and/or rich

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    • if anything I would say it means both sexes are just as superficial. because girls judge guys just as harshly on personality and status.

    • Girls want a guy that has everything, looks, money, charisma, and personality. Guys just go for looks so what women want from men is more than what men want from women.

  • Men decide relationships. They have age on their side.
    Women decide sex. They have an easier time attracting people.

    I don't know who has more advantage. One opens the door while the other decides whether to close it.

  • men get to ask out.


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  • Women have it easier when it comes to getting casual sex (one night stands friends with benefits etc .)

    Men have are less likely to get fucked and dumped or played. I also think men have an easier time dating in their late 20s early 30s.

    For an average GUY, there are more girls who are willing to have sex with you within a committed relationship (after you've made an emotional connection) than there are girls who are willing to have casual, no strings attached sex with you.

    [So let's say out of 100 single girls, 50 of them have ZERO interest in ever having sex with you, 35 are willing to have sex with you after you're in a committed relationship and 15 are willing to have casual sex with you.]

    For an average GIRL, there are more guys who are willing to have casual no strings attached sex with you than there are guys willing to take the time to get to know you and have sex within a committed relationship (after you've made an emotional connection).

    [So let's say out of 100 single guys, 40 of them have ZERO interest in ever having sex with you, 20 are willing to have sex with you after you're in a committed relationship and 40 are willing to have casual no strings attached sex with you.]

    • If it was really like that, players would exist on a much lower level than the level they are on now. Guys who have no problems getting dates act so desperate and thirsty and that makes women, even the ones who aren't at least average standards shoot through the roof.

    • I'm talking about the average guy, players are not the average.

      Also don't pay too much attention to the numbers, I just used them to help paint the picture.

      The point is guys have more options for relationship sex than casual sex.

      and girls have more options for casual sex than relationship sex.

  • The average man has it the worst. The exceptional man has it the easiest. Women average or exceptional have it in between...

  • no advs or disadvs... they r totally equal... each on their own way ;)

  • women have it easier. the only advantage men have is women tend not to view age as big a turn off as some men do

  • Earlier in the dating game, women have a huge advantage. One of the reasons you see girls with the bad boy in high school is because he's good looking. At that point in there lives there is nothing else to offer. The older you get, the more advantage goes to men. Eventually most women will want security. As a man gets older he will establish himself more and more, and so women may sacrifice looks for security. Also, men tend to stay attractive longer then women. With exercise and diet, men can stay sexually attractive into their fifties. Youth is heavily prized for females and influence/power/status for males.

  • still man have approach woman in many countries and have to pay for the dates so it is hard for man then woman.