Should I lie about my dating history if she asks?

My friend's cousin is coming up to visit and she asked me if I'd take her cousin out. We're going to out to dinner and then see my city's MLB game since we both love baseball and our favorite teams are facing each other. She's a beautiful girl and has plenty of dating experience. I'm not so good looking and its sad to say that I have no experience and that this will be my 1st ever date.

Im im afraid that she'll ask me about previous relationships. I do not want to lie but I dont want her to think something's wrong with me since girls always reject me. I'm not embarrassed by it I just prefer If she didn't know that righ know. If she asks, what should I say. If it matters, me and this girl are both 22.


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  • I'd be honest, but you don't have to spill everything, you know? If it comes up you can say you've dated a bit but haven't met the right person yet, and you've been busy with school/work/whatever it is you do, etc. Don't talk about girls always rejecting you or stuff like that, and use a positive or nonchalant tone.

    • Oh, and have fun!

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    • Thanks and I'll try to have fun! I like the being busy with school thing and it could work since I met her friend while in college

    • No problem. Sounds good!


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  • then say "it's personal" maybe?

  • Just be frank dude. You rather be honest than keeping on hiding stuffs. It will come out one day when you least expect it. So yeah. Just pour it out.

  • Be honest with her, because if you lie and she finds out you'll have way less of a chance of anything happening between you two.