A guy I have a crush on invited me to go home with him, I said no. Does he only see me as a hook up?

This guy seems interested in me. Whenever I invite him out with a mutual girlfriend he's glued to my side. He follows me around and flirts like crazy. But his flirting style is very forward. He's a Gemini so they're known for their wondering eyes and over flirtation. (That could be it). Anyways, I'm not only looking for a hook up with him. When he said he was leaving and invited me home I said "no I'm not like that, some other time though we can hang out" and he said "promise". But the thing is. Does he only see me as a hook up since I said no to going home with him? Or does he see me as a woman you need to work for and respect? Not sure what guys think and I'm wondering if this might lead to possibly a relationship. Thanks.


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  • guess so... invitin u home... chances r he's seein u just for sex!


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  • just a hook up.