Black girl says she wants to date/marry a white guy because they are generally more stable?

I was at a dive bar that it's hipsterish has old rock and pop has a lot of craft beers on tap and so on. I spot a group of black woman (only group of black people I've actually seen there most if my black friends say they wouldn't set foot in there it's too "whitel). I forgot how the topic came up but one of them said she likes dating white men because in general they are more stable.

She told me how a lot of her white boy friends treat her really nice with respect have more stable jobs and grew up in a two parent home compared to most black men she's dated in the pasts. I just shrugged it off thinking she was being flirty or what not and didn't think about it much til a few days ago. When my black female co-worker said te same thing that white guys treat girls nicer and with respect. Is this just a small sample of the population of black woman I've spoken with? I do live in Seattle so it is one if the whitess cities in America so it could be a geographical ethic bias. Any thoughts?


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  • They probably either believe in the stereotype or have had bad dealing with black men. But stereotypes like that are definitely incorrect since everyone is their own individual with their own experience. Not all black men are unstable and not all white men are stable. So yeah, it's definitely a myth.


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  • I mean, there are very few successful black men showed in the media so I think it's mostly a bias. I wouldn't know if there's any truth to that claim (being a white Canadian woman).

  • So what's your question? It's unstable people in every race. I see white homeless white guys everyday and I know plenty of them who isn't stable and its stable black men's too.. And if white men are being raised in a 2 parent home than their parents need to do better cause there's no way they should be shooting up school and all that extra crazy ish white people do and they diff would have a better mind set than to be racist and show them some respect... This seem kind of fake to me!


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  • I think most of the interest black girls have in white guys is related to financial stability. I'm a white guy, and traditionally speaking, black girls weren't into us. Now it seems like every other black girl is interested in dating a white guy. I don't think this has anything to do with actual attraction. It's more like black girls are trying to figure out who gives them the best chance to have the quality of life they desire.

  • nah... that's just a myth relaly...