I kinda like two guys at the same time?

So, long story short, there are two guys that I think I like and I'm really really confused right now... Let's call them guy A and guy B. Guy A is basically everything I've ever wanted in a guy (cute, handsome, plays the guitar, has a good job, etc). I've had a crush on him for over a year now but he doesn't seem to pay much attention to me, he's five years older (I'm 18, he's 23) and kinda treats me like a kid, we don't even speak to each other a lot; he's also really out of my league (I'm nothing special really, tbh I can't imagine why he'd as much as look at me). Guy B, on the other hand, is much more "my league". First of all, we talk quite a lot, he makes me laugh and we tease each other and stuff, he even asked me out once, but it sure af wasn't a date. Our mutual friends have recently been jokingly telling us to be together or giving us those looks, (you know what I mean). I never thought of him as "boyfriend material", since I mostly meet him & guy A in the same place (so I didn't pay much attention to anyone apart from A, until now that is). When I'm with guy B (i. e. when he walks me home - he does that a lot, while A has only done it like once), it's really awesome and I think that i like him... But then there's A and when they both are in the same room, my attention is still on him (maybe kinda out of habit? idk). I don't wanna hurt B, he really is a great guy... A part of me really likes him, but there's still this teeny part of my heart that longs for A... I don't know what to do, I don't wanna hurt anybody or make a choice I'll later regret...

whoof, that was long, I hope I didn't bore you to death...


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  • Don't be with either of them. Maybe not a popular opinion, but if I were dating someone, I would want their attention to be on me. Who wants to be "person B?" It's not fair to him, and it's not fair to you, either. Look for the person who is right for you: the guy who gets excited to be around you AND you are hands down into him, no question about it.

    It may sound like a bummer to you that my suggestion leads to no immediate potential boyfriend, but hey, this is my opinion.

    In general, unless you're into polyamory, having your attention split between multiple people and pursuing an actual relationship (as opposed to casual dating) is not a situation you should create for yourself.


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  • definetely B

    how can u afford some guy who treeats u just like a kid? :|


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  • http://www.wikihow.com/Choose-Between-Two-Guys

    Yeah - try doing all of these.

  • Ok. Type B sounds like amazing best friend material. So slowly tell him that. even if he likes you, he will feel flattered that you think of him that way and SHOULD understand how you feel.
    Try to get your type A like Type B. talk to him more. If you collide with him say hi and try to act both sweet and mature around him so he won't mind the age gap. Also, ask him what you have asked us about type A, but give him a name so he knows you aren't talking about him. For example Ruben or Louis. Nothing like Bob or Steve of course! If his advice is go for it than that's your open window... but make sure you know he's single first!