Girls, Would you ever go out with a friend who you know likes you?

Im talking about regardless of whether you like him or too, but this friend has told u and/or implied he likes you so it's not like it would catch you off guard when he does nor when he reiterates he likes you at the end of the date. Im asking cause I went out with a frend, twice, and at the end of the second I stroke her hair reitarating how much I like her, she did not say it back or anything but was not put off by it or nothing, and texted me real happy later that night. We both said we should do this again, but our third date is on hold since she has been busy with college stuff for the past few weeks. And I may be seeing her this weekend at this place Im going so Im not sure what to do


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  • Yep... I have before it went pretty well but then decided to just stay friends

    • thanks for the answer! That's good, but at least you (both) said something about it. I dont know if she wants me to stop or continue pursuing her at this point..

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    • haha thanks for that, think i need to here some ultra positives thoughts too to counteract the negatives I might have. speaking of falling asleep- last time i was gonna ask her out she did not answer cause she literally felt asleep for 11 hours. she said next time, so at least i got that

    • Hahah your welcome


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  • I am not sure in your case but this is really similar to what happened with one of my guy friends and I... He asked me out on a date about 3 months ago so I said yes (at this point I had only thought about him as a friend but knew he liked me so I thought maybe if I spent more time with him I would develop feelings) anyway after the second date I realized I only liked him as a friend but I stalled the 3rd date because we were going to prom together and I didn't want to make things awkward by telling him before. Then it took me another two weeks of stalling him asking me on more dates for me to find a good time to tell him I didn't want a relationship (I used being too busy with college stuff as an excuse too)

  • No.
    One of my close friend had been asking me out for three years but I could not say yes.

    No feelings

    Maybe just a causual date?

    • so if she accepted my invitations (all three even though the third one has been stalled) does it mean she's at all interested?

  • In your case i'd say she likes you but is treading carefully.
    But in general for me personally, if i like a guy i tell him that and if i don't i'm not going to lead someone on.

    • thaks for the response. Man I hope she is not leading me on, I mean I couldn't have been more direct about my feeling other than not kissing her yet! So should I continue to pursue her or should I take her radio silence as a notice?

    • College work can be stressful but i'm sure she'd still have a few minutes in her day to text at the very least. So that's a bit weird. I'd definitely take the silence as something, but then she might be one of those girls whos uncertain until the first kiss you know, so if you do see her out act warm and stuff and see if it goes anywhere... really i think you should just see how she acts around you if you bump into her, and kind of go from there. Otherwise the next date make sure you kiss her to find out for sure:)

  • If I like him I wouldn't doubt it but if I don't I'll be honest before any date is set up