Not trying to let her down, but am I wrong?

I'm going to try to keep this simple; my girlfriend wanted to do a party today for her graduation, I told her I shouldn't go because I'm not feeling well.

***Other things that might be helpful to know:
-She had a graduation party for her family LAST WEEK that I DID go to.
-I told her that I'll see if I end up feeling better, and will try to show up later since I dont want to let her down.
-She seems to be trying to make me feel guilty with reponses like: "oh"

Am I wrong? Should I be going anyways even though I won't exactly be "in it"? I don't want her to be bummed out, I want her to have a great time without me.


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  • u should go bro... she's yer gal...


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  • that's so fucking annoying!! she shouldn't make you feel bad at all about that, you shouldn't have to go, the "oh" is the worst my ex girlfriend did it all the time!


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  • if you dont want to go then dont