Will he ask me out?

For a while now, a guy has been tickling me, picking me up and putting me on his lap, but he'd keep saying that we're just friends. For a few days now, we'd spend hours in his car and he'd be trying to get his hand up my shirt and lick me (playfully). Then suddenly we started french kissing passionately, so far every time the two of us have ended up alone in a private area, we always end up making out. He's always joking around and teasing me. He doesn't normally like physical contact but he doesn't mind it at all with me. We had talked a week before we started kissing and he said we were just friends and he didn't see me as anything more than a friend. I don't know if that's still true cause he seems to really like to kiss me.

I was talking to him about the situation earlier today and I asked him if he intended to kiss me that night. He told me that I had somehow challenged him to kiss me. But when I asked why we keep on kissing, he said that he didn't know
turns out I'm just a "make out buddy"


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  • he may just like you as a make out buddy


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  • If he's kissing you, he definitely likes you. Anything he says last week, you can forget about it. He was just trying to be nice back then, but now he sounds like he's really into you.

    I'm 90% sure if you ask him if you two would be considered "in a relationship", he would say yes or something similar. If not he's a douche for messing with your emotions like that.

  • You have the guy. He's just new at this. If you like your catch reel him in!


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