Are American women really the worst women to date/have a relationship with?

I often hear how American women have little to no morals, treat their men poorly, have a sense of entitlement because of their gender and pull the gender card when men finally either retaliate or react negatively back at them for the shit they started first. I've been even told that American women contantly take the men who put them on a pedestal for granted and society to hand everything to them because of their genders. I was also told that since the law gives women special treatment, women constantly abuse their special treatment by physically and mentally harming men while the men get in trouble for defending himself, knowing well that this is gonna happen to the men.

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  • Well, yes. Same goes for UK women, by the way. The court favors women in many ways. Even being alone with a woman could potentially get you in jail, if she decided to cry rape. It's no surprise that men in management positions refuse to be alone with their female subordinates.

    • I'm from the uk also I do not agree that a lot of the woman have no morals, treat their men poorly.

      I do agree with that our court system is a disgrace.

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  • Not at all I am American woman and I have a lot of good morals and so do my freinds and just remember you haven't even met all American women so don't stereotype plese.

    • I don't know. I've met a few American men who told me how atrocious American women treat them in relationships and think they're better than men.

  • No. I know women much much worse


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  • just a rumor, not true

  • Nah, just the feminists. Seriously.