I made a mistake in my first relationship and was wondering if I should talk to me girlfriend or let her just cool off first?

I been dating my girlfriend for 8 months now and today i guess i made my first mistake :( I took her out for some ice cream and a walk down by the river and well i got caught staring at this other girl i couldn't deny it cause she called me out on it right away when i looked away. She got kinda mad and said she wanted to go home. Yes i made a mistake but was it a big deal like she made it out to be? She knows i love her and no other girl but her. Should i let her cool off and maybe she will forget or should i talk to her tomorrow? It's the first time this happend and i love her and don't want to lose her. Can you help out?


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  • Talk to her, but I do think she is overreacting.

    • hmm alright cause i mean in my mind if she wold be looking at another guy i would kinda tell her i don't like it, i wouldn't make it a big deal but that is me. I guess she is sensitive to i will talk to her tomorrow and tell her how beautiful she is.

    • Do that :) I am sure she will forgive you so don't worry.

    • ok thank you


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  • Call her and tell her you're sorry and you didn't mean to and that's she beautiful and the only one for you

    • I mean in my mind if she would be looking at another guy i would kinda tell her i don't like it, i wouldn't mind that much cause that is me. I'am a free flowing guy and relaxed. I guess she is sensitive to that type of stuff and yes i will say those things to her. I hope she doesn't feel to sad or is even crying cause i know her and sometimes she does bottle up her emotions (sometimes). i don't want her to think that i like other girls cause she is the one i love

    • I can see where she's coming from. Just reassure her that you're not interested in any girls besides her

    • yes i will.

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  • better menton it, once she's calm :)

  • in the future, just say something like "I couldn't help but notice how much better you look than that girl over there." or some smooth phrase to minimize the damage. as for now, just let her know it meant nothing, and you're sorry, and take her out to do something romantic

    • ohh smooth. Yeah i will do that