When it comes to dating, which gender looks for perfection more? Men or women? Which gender is expected more so to accept the imperfections of?

The opposite sex more? Men or women? Are women expected to accept guy's imperfections more or vice versa?


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  • I'd say women, on both counts.


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  • I think both genders look for perfection about the same, it just depends on the person. But I do see a lot of things geared towards women pushing the "if he loves you he will love the worst parts of you" ideas. So I would say a lot of women maybe expect men to accept their imperfections, whereas I don't see a lot of this for men as much.

  • Both men and women have ridiculous standards.

    • I think men are expected to accept the imperfections of women more than women are expected to accept the imperfections of men.

    • I don't agree with that, it's a very one sided view.

  • Women look for perfection, more than guys do.


What Guys Said 1

  • For casual sex:

    girls are less forgiving regarding looks, meanwhile guys are often willing to lower their standards as long as the sex is free and easy. Guys Don care about personality very much, he mainly just wants to get laid. Girls do care about personality for casual sex, they want a guy who is confident, fun, and outgoing.

    For relationships:

    Guy have higher physical standards for a relationship but will be more forgiving if the girls finances aren't in order.
    Girls will be more forgiving with looks than they are for hookups but most likely won't want to be with a guy who makes less money than she does.
    In a relationship BOTH genders want someone who has a compatible personality.

    So I'll say Girls have waaay higher standards for casual sex. For relationships guys and girls have equally high standards but value different things.