Should I text her to address the fact she ignores me?

I dont think she means anything by it. We have been talking for months and on many dates. She is a poor communicator. I try to be patient. But when my texts go unanswered I feel kinda crappy. Should I leave it? Or tell her how I feel through text? I don't know when I'll see her next..


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  • If it's bothering you I think it's best to address it. Maybe she is really bad a texting, have you considered talking on the phone instead?


What Guys Said 1

  • Brother, put on a seat belt for this crash landing. if she was really high in interest she'd be blowing up your phone. The reason once in a while she texts back is because she wents an ego boost. Once she finds better she then goes to no reply again. Happened to me two weeks ago and 20 years ago. Nothing new, move on and date some other chicks to keep your mind off her.