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I always hang out with the same group of guys and girls and at one New Years party we had I ended up hooking up with one of my closeguy friends. When we hooked up he kept talking about how good of a kisser I was and how pretty I was. He is known for being gorgeous, mysterious, kinda shy, a talented artist, and would totally be my type except i always figured I wasn't his type so I never wasted time having a serious crush. We go to different colleges (he goes to art school) and he drove pretty far to come visit me at my college over the break after that time we hooked up. We cuddled and definitely hung out as more than friends but he never made any move to anything else, we slept in the same bed for two nights and nothing very sexual happened. He showed me his sketchbook and we did fun activities though. I could tell he wanted to initiate something but maybe he was nervous? He is a shy guy and is not very straightforward with his feelings. We had a few conversations after that but never flirtatiously texted and over time conversations became less often. Now were home for summer and hang out with the same group of friends and everyone pretends like nothing happens, its not awkward at all. Sometimes I catch him looking at me and I often call him out on funny things he does and he will bring jokes from when he visited me up in front of the group. He sometimes texts me "what are you and your friends up to" or "are you guys free", never specifically about me but we do have normal conversations from there. How do I subtly let him know I'm still interested? Is there a chance he could like me but be too nervous to make a move, not wanting to ruin our friendship?

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how do I proceed? i need to let him know I'm interested without ruining our friendship


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  • Time will tell dont push it


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  • He looks at you as more than a hookup he wants to let you into his life a little and show its not about sex... my guess

  • a chance? girl, dafuq you think he wanted when he drove all that way? to really watch that movie you guys didn't really watch?


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  • Arrange to hang out with him alone. Don't tell him that it is a date. Just hang out together casually as friends and try to notice how he behaves with you alone.