In online dating, how can you tell how interested a person is if they don't send a message (see details)?

For an example... If a girl adds a guy as a "favorite" or "likes" his dating profile, but the guy is first to message, or the opposite situation... is one person probably more interested than the other? Should the girl wait to receive a message to be sure the guy is interested too?


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  • well if they don't send a message then that's a huge tell already lol. I mean fuck its already happening online with a computer screen in between, how shy can these mofos get XD

    • I agree... I often see guys who I've liked viewing my page, but then they don't write. I don't know if it's lack of interest, shyness, laziness, etc, so I don't know if I should just go ahead and send a message. I figured if I showed that initial "liking" or whatever the guys would figure it's okay to write to me first.

    • if it tells you that they viewed your page and they have not messaged you yet, i'll bet its because they're still browsing, you know picking the best out of the flock.

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  • "favorite" or "like" don't mean much actually..


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  • That's hard to say, really. Women typically don't send the first message and men tend to send a message to anyone and everyone that catches their eye.

    • I'm fine with sending the first message... I just don't know if after seeing my profile and a guy doesn't message me, if it would mean he isn't interested, or just shy or lazy, etc. Maybe I'm overthinking it and should just send one anyway? lol

    • Just send one anyway. You never know.