Girls, Her face lit up when I she thought I had an Instagram? And she wants me to have a snapchat?

I told her I HAD an instagram once and her face lit up and said "YOu have instagram?" and I clarified and she oh..
and then she asked "Why don't you have snapchat, you need one!" and I said if I had snapchat and she said I would snap you every day!

Why would she want me to have these? we are already facebook friends as is.


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  • Facebook isn't that personally. You are probably Facebook friends with people you hung out with one time or your family friends. Instagram and snapchat are ways to connect in a closer way. Do you Facebook your mom? Would you snapchat your mom?-no She just wants a better reason to see your face when it's not up against your classmates or at a family reunion

  • She likes you and wants to keep in touch with you on more than just facebook!

    • We don't even talk on Facebook. All we do is text. Does it sound like she likes me?