If you cheat on someone does it necessarily mean you don't love them?

  • Cheating = no love and thats that
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  • Some people cheat on people they love
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If you pick B can you explain why?


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  • Not necessarily but you obviously don't love em that much because you were wiling to hurt them.

  • I suppose you can still love them and cheat, but it does mean a complete lack of respect and selfishness since you essentially place yourself first and the other person second. I wouldn't consider that love but I suppose others may define it diffrently.

    • Weird... how can you not respect someone youve been with for three years though:/

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    • Its great to jnow that:) in my country almost every guy cheats on his girlfirned it sucks especially married men

    • What country is that? I was thinking it has more to do with a culture that encourages selfishness.

  • It doesn't mean you don't love them but it does mean you don't have respect for them

  • Voted B
    Flippant reason: If you're not with the one you love, love the one you're with.
    Other reasons:
    - selfish gene theory.
    - humans are not monogamous by nature
    - slavery has been illegal in some parts of the world for 1,000 years. Spouses cannot own each other
    - the word cheat has been invoked. Should be vigorously opposed due to perjorative connotation. It's an utterly ridiculous word in this sense.

  • Not at all. It just means you're an irresponsible whore who can't control your own urges.

  • GENERALLY SPEAKING, I believe males are more inclined to make a clear separation between love and sex.
    You could totally love your wife and yet see the act of having sex with another woman as purely sexual and nothing else. It doesn't mean the status of your relationship is currently bad, or you don't love her, or you're not attracted to her.
    It's just an opportunity to have sex with another body.
    If anything, it just means you're dumb for taking such high risks for such a little reward. And yeah it's also disrespectful.

    For women (probably most of them), they have to like the "other guy" sufficiently to sleep with him. They don't just see it as purely sexual. If they're in love and happy in their couple, get enough attention, etc, they won't cheat.

    When a guy cheats on his girlfriend, because she's a girl she will most probably assume he cheated for the same reason she (a girl) would , so she starts thinking this is related to love for us (guys). It's not.


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  • I voted b. Some people you will always love because of things you've been through together. You might not want to be with them anymore but aren't free to leave.

  • I normally take it as that person doesn't truly love them 100%.

  • how can u cheat on someone u love?
    so im guessing the view is that u cheat with someone u... lust. and still love the other.
    but then, if the love was really there, so would the passion be.

  • They may love them, but not enough to stay committed in that relationship