What does it mean to teach people how to treat you?

I've heard the term 'you teach people how to treat you'. But how?
I've always tried to be the nice girl and treat people well but I just get people trying to take advantage of that and I'm sick of it.
If someone thinks it's fine for them to be unreliable to me and ignore messages whenever they feel like it, what do you do to someone like that?
Do the same thing back to them? Walk away? Bluntly tell them not to?


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  • I think that it is important to be assertive in this situation. Bluntness just comes off as rude, but if you say something such as "So, I feel frustrated when you don't get back to me or when you don't show up for something we planned. I'd really appreciate it if you could work on that; it makes me feel like I can't trust you when you do things like that." Being direct, but identifying it as your problem, is how you teach others. You need to teach them how to communicate with a person like you, and help them understand that you aren't like every other person he or she meets and that you have different expectations. People will never learn unless you communicate with them.


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  • No, in those situations, you tell them that you don't like being treated that way. Three strikes system. If they can't act right after being given three chances to be a decent human, you cut them out of your life.

  • bluntly tell them i guess