Is it OK for a woman to date a much younger man?

I am a 34 year old black female and I have a very good looking 20 year old white male interested in me. We work together. He asked me out , should I go out with him? We do have a strong attraction. Should I worry about the 14 year age difference. Help!


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  • it's the sweetest thing on earth when you older girls pay attention to us younger guys, you have no idea how much we need you and how much we wanna please you, it's just that we're being a bit shy and fears of rejection that we don't chase you as we do with the younger immature girls that don't deserve all the attention.

    • Oh thank you so much! That was so kind of you to say. I am going to assume you have dated an older woman beforebut have you dated one with that big of age gap? What was it like. It fascinates me because know one on here cares that I am a black woman talking to a younger white male. Which is a good thing lol.

    • Yep dated 2 slightly older girls, the second one was so immature she didn't know how to carry on the relationship, after this now looking for more age gap hopefully to find a woman that knows what she wants and treats me right, girls in their 30's are the treats on earth! just make sure the guy is serious and isn't going to do anything foolish.


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  • You're both adults... as long as you have common ground and it's not just a physical thing what's the harm? (keep in mind you might end up getting called a cougar but that terms getting less and less derogatory every day, some women even consider it a compliment.)

    • I don't mind being called a cougar. It's kind of flattering.

  • Does no matter at all. Give it a shot!

    • Thank you that means alot.

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  • Yes its flattering when that happens. But just watch out that it doesn't feel like your babysitting at times. I've dated a few 20 and 21 year olds and it didn't last a long time as we didn't have much in common..I'm 30 btw.

    • I do know what that is like dating someone you seem like you have to babysit.

  • same age as you, a 20 year old german guy was flirting w me and he was soooo sweet, which comes w that age I find :) GO FOR IT. I personally find attraction rare so SEIZE THOSE OPPORTUNITIES!

    • Thank you for the inspiring me to go for it.

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    • I was letting you know I went out with him and it was great. He was shy because I wasn't going to kiss him at the end of the nght. I decided to and to both of our amazementit felt like those kisses in the movies where there is this spark and time stood still. I have kiss plenty of guys but that was the first time in my life I felt a spark.

    • That's WONDERFUL!!! I'm thrilled for you. good for you for making it happen and reaping the reward in the end.

      i went out w my interest on friday because the wkd before there was major chemistry attraction but alas, there was none this time around and I realized he wasn't someone I could kiss.

      so your romanctic story will have to do for the both of us.

      enjoy :) :) :)