How do I solve this issue?

We got talking 2weeks ago.. He stalls my texts nd replies after 4-5hrs. nd i v bin complainin tooo much.. M beginin to feel like m doing too much... Nd he keeps apologising... m givin him toooo attention.. i call him if he doesn't call.. He complains of nt bin wit his phone yet he keeps posting pictures on Snapchat.. Sent him a message today saying "I made up my mind not to call or text u.. Cos v bin feeling like i complain nd do everytin too much, considering d fact dt I'm not ur girlfrnd or dt i hold a serious position in ur life... wen i get lik dis i kinda overdo tins... M sorry about dt... pls do let me knw wen its gettin awkward to u" by dis text i feel lik i sounded desperate... Nd i wnt to change dt impression... what do i do pls help me.. Cos in all honesty i lik him nd i wnt tins to work out... I dnt wnt to mess tins up.. Cn i still fix my image?


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  • You've only been talking two weeks and had all these issues? Also do you text him in the same manner in which you have written this question? A lot of people dislike or find poorly written text a turn off

  • first work on your spelling... YIKES! Next, you do seem a bit desperate, give him some space let him come to you!