Girls would you reply to guys messages just because you are a nice person? Even though you have no interest?

So I met this girl 6 months ago but we have only met up twice in that time. I send messages and get replys but im not sure if she is just doing it because she is a nice person and does not want to be rude, or if she is actually interested.

So girls would you keep replying to a guy who messages if you have no interest in? or maybe a little interest but not ready to go further yet?
Would you tell him straight you are not interested if he just messaged you about things but did not say he liked you?

These questions are based on you knowing that he likes you but he has yet to tell you, but you may not like him in that way but as a friend.

  • I would keep replying to his messages because I don't want to be rude
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  • I would reply but keep the answers short and too the point
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  • I would ignore him even though I feel bad but I can't just say I don't like him
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  • I would ignore him and not feel bad
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  • I'd reply because I'd feel too bad ignoring someone for no legit reason. Not having a crush on someone isn't a legit reason to be rude. So yeah I'd reply and all that but I wouldn't be flirty and might try to avoid any kind of romantic conversation.


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  • There is this guy who has a crush on me and I reply to his text messages because im just a nice person, yes he's annoying and clingy but its rude to just ignore someone because you're not interested. yeah i could keep it simple short and straight but its whatever

  • Anything else is leading him on, don't you think? Be decisive.

  • I'm not going to lead him on and I'm not going to ignore him either, so I usually reply with short and to the point answers

  • I would keep messaging if I found him interesting just in a friendly way

  • hmmm well d text would be short , simple and straight

  • as long as the guy is not acting annoying or creepy or boring then i'll reply, but it doesn't necessarily mean i am interested, i could just be acting nicely :)


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