Guys, Why me and not a family member?

I have been dating this guy for five months and we are not to serious. The other day he asked me to go to a very serious doctors appointment with him. I am flattered he asked me instead of a family member. They are a very close family and im i want your opinion on why he chose me someone he bearly knows verse his family.


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  • Sometimes family can be over powering and not good company when all you need is good company and support if you need it, x


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  • This is some serious sign of trust. He trusts you a lot and really values what you both have.

    Have you considered the possibility that maybe for him what you both have IS more than just "not too serious"?

    Please, be careful about his and your feelings. Sometimes, a simple but very significative act can tell a lot.

    • I really care about him and was happy to be with him for his appointment. He is not good at communicating his feelings so this just be a way of taking a step forward :) thank you!

  • Just go he needs you, and yes, I agree with previous comment. When I talk about my problems, I usually tell my friends first, then my family. He trust you.

  • He wants you to feel like his wifey.