So I was trying to make this girl jealous and want me and I think its working?

its a long story but i had wanted to date her but that never happened and then i didn't see her for a while but she works at this restaurant i go to during the summer and i have also meet some of the girls she works with there. i have been in there a couple times this summer and talked and hit on 2 of the girls she works with and is close friends with , just talked to them and that kind of stuff. i've sort of picked up that this has got to her and sense she is jealous i was paying all this attention to her friends over her all of a sudden. and that she did want my attention. but i'm really not sure where to take this next? and if this is even a good idea or other girl is going to get annoyed if she finds out i'm more into her friend all along


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  • 1) Any dude that showed interest in me and then decided to show interest to my close friends instead of me would be seen as a sleaze, jerk, and asshole.

    2) Maybe she missed the attention of being flirted with and that's it. But if you're purposely doing that to her, it's foul to me.


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  • that is shady right there. she will be highly annoyed, I know I would be.


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