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So I started talking to this guy on a dating website. He seemd really nice so he added me on facebook. The thing is that this man posts photos constantly on his news feed of him and a woman going out to eat or shopping. I dont really want a relationship with him. So a few wks back, he texted me asking me what I was doing for the weekend. I told him not much just sitting around. He then asks me if I want to meet up and go do something. I thought about it and I obviously thought of the photos that he posts of the other women on his facebook and I told him not to be rude but from facebook it appears that he is in a relationship and i won't get involved. He then tells me that he and the lady are just dating and dont live together. So my question would be if this were the case, why would he constantly posts photos of them on there outings? I find this to be very disrespectful because he is asking me out. Am I wrong for telling him to go fuck off? :)


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  • No, not at all. If you believe in monogamy and find his posts disrespectful, you should say no. Your definition of a relationship should be solid, and it's best to find someone who has that same outlook on companionship.


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  • if they date... better wait and see how things will go


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