How can I stop getting annoyed by MOSTLY everyone? I don't like making friends?

I'm going to start off by saying that people try and talk to me at work all the time and I never like it. I hate most people at my job. I hate most people in this world, because I see through this facade and how fucking shallow they're. In high school I was fat, had pimples and nobody ever talked to me. I lost over 50 pounds and suddenly men do everything for me. I get free stuff. Sometimes when I take the train the conductor doesn't even care to take my ticket and just lets me keep it. If I was fat I would never receive this treatment. Also men try and impress you in fucking general. I just see how men react and treat other women. Sometimes it's sickening.
Besides the whole guy thing. I just think people are either corny, kiss ups, fake or just annoying. I was having a bad day today, and I went to the office to talk to my manager and asked him what I should do with something that was in the bag. A new kid was in the office, and he just moved to look. Just being nosey. I got so mad and annoyed. Like why are you trying to get involved. Like you're new. What the fuck would you know? I actually made a comment and walked away. With me I just hate when people have behavioral problems. They don't know how to fucking act. I just get so annoyed how immature people act, or how they try and get involved in things that don't concern them
like people need to learn the right time to smile and the right time when they need to shut the fuck up.


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  • Give the poor new kic a break, he has to learn and looking at your stuff might've helped him somehow.

    I think you're just an angry bitch from what I read.
    I don't know why you would be surprised that people like you more when you're thin than fat, that's just biology.
    You need to calm down. Go away somewhere. Somewhere remote by yourself for a while.


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  • I feel pretty similar about people. Just don't like comming into contact with them

    • Right? Just everything they say or do is stupid. They also lack common sense, respect for others. It's not always directed to me. I just see it and fucking cringe. Whenever someone talks to me trying to act a certain way I can see behind that fake fucking facade they try and pull. I try so hard not to fucking laugh.

    • Haha I know EXACTLY what you mean. People can just be so dumb and they always put on fake faces

    • Exactly!

  • I totally understand... I believe the same way.


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  • The same thing happened to me. When I lost weight everyone suddenly wants to be my friend. It's annoying and it shows how shallow the world really is.