Girls, Intentions?

I really liked this girl and I never told her that I wanted to date her but we went to prom and afterwards when I told her I liked her in a dating way she told me that she didn't like me that way and that I should've made my intentions cleare earlier. So ladies, how can a guy make his intentions known to his date?


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  • This is a confusing post. I'd be very angry if I was her and I think I understand.

    Here's the thing.

    If you don't ask to date me and you just ask me to go to prom with you, I may feel obliged to go with you in one way or another. Though, I really hate people who just go to dances with each other to look good then basically never talk again. You should've asked her out, not just to prom. Though she should've cleared up some things first, but it's mainly on you for not taking the initiative to even try from the start. It's really no wonder.


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  • I think you did, by taking her to prom.. i would only think otherwise if you actually said that you only meant in a friend-kind-of-way. =)

  • Tell the girl...