How to ask a girl I like to hang out?

So there's this girl that I really like, we're friends already, but I still tend to get nervous about this kind of thing. I normally don't see her during school, sometimes we may pass in the hall and say 'hi" and that's about it. But I do see her everyday when I get out of swim practice because swim and cheer leading end at the same time. I really don't know what exactly to say, or what to do if she says yes.



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  • I would just keep it simple. When you see her after practice make a little small talk such as "hey how practice?" then throw in a "what are ya doing later?" Suggest to get something to eat or do homework or watch a movie. However I would wait to watch a movie until you two have hung out a few times because if it's the first time hanging out it won't accomplish much sitting in silence watching a movie. Something interactive is always a plus it'll help you to get to know her.

    hope that helps


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  • Just say you like her. See her response. If she hesitated, sorry mate! The chemistry doesn't work between you two. I know it's tough and we all have been like you b4. However, I am afraid there is nothing much you could do.