I think this girl was tempted by my obvious interest in her but need to push her over the edge as they say?

i've flirted with her , made eye contact and totally checked her out allready at her work when i saw her there at lunch the last few times i've seen her. she works at this cheesy burger place near where i work and thats where i meet her. at first i though she was uninterested in me if not even bothered by me but last 2 times i saw her there i picked up a much different vibe and think she actually enjoyed the attention ( i could just sort of see this look in her eyes when i looked at her ) and was attracted to me and feel she is tempted at this point. but i need to determine if she is really interested or not. but found it hard to have any deep conversations with her as i wasn't there for that long or other staff members beside us. so i've never really had any alone time with her


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  • Approach her and ask her out to be sure.


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  • Ask her for her number and see if she gives it

    • but she's at work and always co-workers around , I'm just not sure it be an ideal time to ask , its not really an ideal place to try and pick up , old fashioned burger place and she often serves ice cream , I could buy an ice cream cone and see if she talks to me maybe?

    • Yeah try starting a conversation by buying ice cream

  • Wiggle your eyebrows