Should I surprise him?

I've known this guy for a year, through work. He lives in a different town. Recently I visited him and stayed with him for a week to do photography (we are both big enthusiasts of photography) and we flirted the whole time we were together and acted like we we boyfriend and girlfriend when we went out, not holding hands or anything, but just being close (if that makes sense) we did have sex, only once. Most of the time we just cuddled and watched movies and enjoyed each other's company. We play fought and teased each other the whole time. It was the best week ever! I like him a lot. Since returning to my town, we have spoken like normal but with more lovey dovey stuff if that makes sense. He calls me babe, and leaves "xo" and "x" at the end of his messages and whenever I seem down he always asks if I'm ok and if he can do anything. When I was there, we always did the whole "look at each other for a period of 5 seconds and smile" lol I'm heading down to his town again in 3 weeks and I was thinking of surprising him by showing up to the karaoke bar he runs. Do you think he would like that?


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  • He would love that for sure. Go for it!

  • No prob not, guys are funny about that i dont like surprises, and i am not sure he would either


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