Guys, he thought I was more invested in our relationship than he was?

My boyfriend recently withdrew from me, he was short with me and came across quite selfish. We have reached a point where we have spent quite a lot of time together, too much even. Sometimes a week or more at a time, we have only been officially dating for 3 months so things seem to have moved quite fast.

I recently caught him deleting a conversation with another girl and when I confronted him he admitted he had flirted with her. He advised he deleted the conversation because he knew it was inappropriate and he felt guilty about it and he wouldn't approve of me acting like that.

We have agreed to spend less time together and try and make things a bit less Serious between us and he told me he thought this sounded like a good step. We have text back and forth a little and seen eachother a couple of days this week.

he said he is someone that needs time to himself and he felt like he couldn't ask for that and that he could t spend time with his friends incase I wanted to spend time with him. I have apologised for this. Do you think I have guilt tripped him into trying to work things out?


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  • No, it seems like he is genuine.

  • Well first off, are you all in love or is it even THAT serious? Fact is, is guys are actually more secretive and reserved than we let off. Maybe he just feels smothered and wants to spend some time with his friends or he could just be playing a big old game with you. I think it is highly possible that he does indeed feel guilt tripped but the only way you will know if he feels that way is to back off and see what happens. As hard as that may be I hope this helps. Feel free to PM me if you wish to talk.