What does "hang out" mean?

OK it seems as if every guy i meet asks me to hang out or chill w/ them and when i do they automatically think since i came over i want 2 have sex with them. how can i explain to a guy without sounding crazy or rude that id like 2 hang out not have sex?

well thanks 4 the answers and I didn't think Trolls are real. but if you believe so Good 4 U. Lol & thanks 4 nothing. and 2 all who SERIOUSLY tried 2 answer me thanks I think I AM meeting all the jerks
ok no1 helped me at all. this website sucks


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  • Tell them in no uncertain terms that you are not into them but you like sports or music or whatever. That you want a big brother to hang out with. Then tell them what you just said. They will get it.


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  • when they ask that.. don't go to their house? if they just want to chill, you can do that at the mall, park, school, anywhere. maybe you flirt too much with them and they get the wrong idea? or maybe one idiot decided to lie and say you guys did something, so now they all seem to think you easily put out. really, there is not enough information on this :)

  • um I think you are just talking to jerks, I don't think guys think that hanging out means they are going to get some. How do these guys approach you? Do you flirt a lot? Maybe you are sending the wrong message or maybe like I said you just meet all the perverts. Sorry about that if that is the case.

  • seriously are you a TROLL?

    • People who are trolsl ask questions that make them sound SUPER naive. like your question. so yes TROLLS do exist. and you definitly came off like one. you obviouslty are meeting and hanging out with the wrong guys. dislike me for askin alll you want bu its the truth and there are enough on here....

      anyways.. guys try to nail anything that moves... do one guy he'll tell his freinds and you'll be an easy conquest...