I like this boy but distance ugh?

I'm friends with this boy who I really like. We both love the same things like that same bands and movies. We have a ton in common. We both really like each other and last week he said he would love to date me. I really would love dating him. He's the best guy I've ever met. Only problem is distance. He lives in Indiana and I live in New Jersey. He said he would come here to see me as soon as he could and he difenitly will come to meet me but I'm still not sure if I would like to. I've been in a long distance relationship before but this time it's different because me and that guy barely had anything in common. Me and this boy tell each other I love you all the time and we talk as much as possible. Can someone please just help me figure things out?


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  • can\t u guys meet somewhere inbetween maybe?


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  • I'd advise you against getting involved in a long distance relationship, unless of course both of you have the financial capability to travel -which can get pretty tiring as well at some point-.