Is it weird for girls to date younger guys in high school? What is acceptable?

I am a junior girl and I kinda like a freshman guy. The freshman and junior titles make them sound so far apart but, he is a year and four months younger than me. Is that super weird or acceptable? Last year I dated a boy that was three years older than me and it wasn't weird at all. Why is it so different the other way?

Also another strange part is that it's a younger brother of a girl in my grade. That might be the worst part of it.


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What Guys Said 1

  • If it's not weird to you, and it's not weird to him, it means it's not weird, no matter what anybody else might think. As you grow up, those age differences will matter less and less.


What Girls Said 1

  • its only weird if you let it be... in high school kids are haters and judge because they have nothing better to do... if you are a strong person who can take high school critizim wheather it be there or not then I say go for the relationship because its always nice to do things that make you happy =]