Could you ever take a girl seriously if she said "I'm not a virgin, but no sex till marriage"?

I came accross this on an online dating site, and I imediatly lost all interest after that sentence. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't the no sex till marriage part, it was that she already threw that out the window before but is still sticking to a practice used to ensure the bride was a still a virgin on the night of her wedding.

Am I being shallow about this, or is this just a stupid thing to say?


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  • i think waiting until your married for sex is stupid to begin with. this however rules stupidity lol


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  • Wait, so she is not a virgin anymore but noe she has decided to wait till marriage.

    So, no more sex with anyone till marriage.

    It can happen. I would understand if she completely stopped with it and decided to wait till marriage.

  • Maybe she's a born again catholic

    • That doesn't make you a virgin again. I don't see the logic.

  • No, if a girl isn't a virgin but wants to make u wait till marriage she's a b****

    • That's what I was thinking. Seems pretty stupid to me.

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    • Not the best way to phrase that, but yeah. lol

    • Lol I suck at explaining things so yeah

  • Well maybe she changed her mind. You should try TALKING TO HER Duh!

    • I did. She was in three other sexually active relationships, and is now saying that.

      I apologize for my lack of Caps and derogatory expletives.

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    • How does making the assumption that you automatically have the same sex drive, taste, and boundaries as the other person, as well as sexual compatibility with that person not screw anything up. That assumes that once you get married, you just *poof* get rid of any of the possible dealbreakers involved.

    • Well, I don't know and you should ask her why she said that. Maybe she was drunk 😐

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  • yea it makes zero sense, maybe she had a terrible experience?

    • In this case you would have to charm her to show her that u won't hurt her